Your point of difference is your

Unique Brand Story

how do you stand out in a crowded forest of gumtrees?

Make Like A Cockatoo.

Create your UNIQUE BRAND STORY so you can shout it from the tree-tops, and shake your tail-feathers like a Pro.


Attract your ideal clients using the age old art of story-telling


Confidently explain what you do with clear messaging and branding


Understand and use aligned social platforms to invite your market through your front doors

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What makes the Cockatoo House approach

so, well... unique?

For starters, I've channelled the brass and brash of the Cockatoo. But it's not just me and a team of galahs here. Working in both commercial and non-for-profit sectors has taught me that most businesses and organisations struggle to explain what they do in a way that attracts their ideal customers. Being an unashamed story-teller myself, I've long realised the power of a good story, with a clear message. So I've used this combination of skills, to develop a bullet-proof system to create your Unique Brand Story, so you can connect directly with your market, and grow your business. 

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Tamara has done a mountain of work for us in the digital marketing space, especially in the area of Facebook ads, video and written content and Messenger advertising.


She has helped our franchises achieve extraordinary sales figures and has grown our base revenue by over 140% in the past 12 months alone.


Not only is she great at her craft but she is a pleasure to deal with and I cannot recommend her services highly enough. Thanks for everything to date Tamara.


Paul Vercoe
Paul Vercoe – General Manager, R2O Cars

Tamara Hogan has been invaluable in managing the marketing of our brands in consultation with us, coordinating all of our digital marketing campaigns. She has a strong emphasis on measuring results, keeping a close eye on the data and “the numbers,” to see what is working. We have used this information to find a daily /weekly /monthly spend that suits our budget and delivers results. We have no hesitation to recommend Tamara’s services, in any capacity, which is evidenced by the fact that she continues work with us to advance our business. 

Denis Gillen
Director Kunapipi Springs Pty Ltd
Sandra Peel

We went through two separate brand strategists to launch a new product, before finally turning to Tamara. She got our brief, pulled the numerous elements together, and created a wholly unique brand story in record time. We've used this branding ever since. 

Sandra Peel
Owner / Operator Ottos Fresh Food Market
Susan Curtain_Head Shot

I engaged a branding strategist to develop a promotional campaign for our development. In short, I was left frustrated and unimpressed. Next stop? Tamara. She whipped our promotion into shape, in record time. Seriously, you want her in your corner.

Susan Curtain
Birdsong Estate
Jana Keane

When I need a marketing plan developed for my business, I turn to Tamara. Everytime. This chick (scuse the pun) blows me away with her knowledge about how to shine online. 

Jana Keane
Refine Your Style Image Consultant
Tam and Cockatoo
Meet the creator of

Cockatoo House

Hi, I'm Tamara, and I'm not going to lie, I think Cockatoos are cool. Yes, they're noisy little suckers, but who can resist their conviction, their panache, and their oh-so-showy head-piece? Cockatoos are storytellers of old, doing their 'thang' with a singular uniqueness. In short, they are a perfect source of inspiration for any Creative, Business or Marketer worth their salt. When it comes to creating the ultimate brand platform for you business, I make-like-a-Cockatoo. I interweave your past and present skills and performance, truly 'hear' your brief, and create your Unique Brand Story. Because let's put our feathers on the table here; in this world of online smoke and noisy traffic, it's your story that sells.

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